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Not Found in Old St Paul’s Church!

Many years ago I came across this wonderful poem by Max Ehrmann. I can’t remember how it came to me but do remember being moved by it. Its too good not to share with others. “Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence….”

15 June, 2013- Crossing the Rockies

After a long and fruitful week at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, I rolled out of Aspen late afternoon on Friday with designs to photograph my way home, over Independence Pass and back to Summit County.

8 June, 2013- Dock Dogs Take to the Air

The most amphibious and acrobatic of all canines in the country took to the platform to compete in the Go Pro Mountain Games in Vail, competing in both the high jump and long jump events.

7 Jun, 2013- Mountain Sports Mayhem

Arriving into Vail I soon discovered the Go Pro Mountain Games had taken over the town. Among the array of events was this kayaking exhibition, which I managed to document on my way to dinner. If only I wasn’t so hungry, I’d have stayed for more!

2 June, 2013- Sunset over Lake Dillon

Taking full advantage of a gorgeous summer evening, I set out on my bike with my camera stowed away in my pannier “just in case.” My instincts proved true, as the evening progressed from gorgeous to downright spectacular.

30 May, 2013- Early Summer Snowstorm

As I was rushing up to Arapahoe Basin ski area o catch one of the last days of the ski season, I jumped out of the car to grab this shot, on the surface completely unremarkable except for the fact that it was nearly June!

29 May, 2013- Springtime in the Rockies

Late season snowfall and a spate of cold and damp spring weather cause high country locals to engage in their annual bitch session about the weather. I take a walk through the brisk streets of Dillon and contemplate the state of weather.

23 May 2013- Last of the Lake Dillon Ice

A couple strolls along the shores of Lake Dillon, bundled up but no doubt enjoying a classic alpine sunset.

Studs Terkel on Finding Good Stories

Lately I’ve been researching the topic of radio storytelling and inevitably I came across Transom is a treasure trove of information for aspiring storytellers and radio documentarians. Before I knew it I was engrossed in a podcast on the legendary Studs Terkel.

Singing Praise for Food Movement, Midwestern Style

The American food movement has slowly swept across the American countryside. Like very trend it moved from the coasts inward. Finally it has reached the likely of places: the American Rustbelt. As I Michigander, born and raised, i raise my glass and toast: “hell yea!”

26 April, 2013- Mirror Pond Reflections

Its hard not to be inspired by the beauty routinely encountered along the shores of Mirror Pond. In the few weeks of my all-too-brief residence, I would routinely head down to Drake Park, with a camera, book, and notepad in my bag and wait for inspiration to strike. It never took long.

13 April, 2013- Snow Falling on Pines

“What the hell am I doing, its freezing out here?!” Such were the negative thoughts drifting through my head as my hands went numb. But having just been injected with fresh enthusiasm for the craft, I persevered.

This American Life Reasserts Journalistic Cred with Disability Piece

In the latest episode of This American Life, “Trends with Benefits,” the show continues to flex its journalistic muscle, investigating the country’s rapidly expanding disability program. Well worth a listen!

Grantham’s Grim Warnings of Climate Change

Investment strategists are too often cheerleaders of unrealistic growth. Seldom do they come out with sobering bearish predictions. Or issue dire warnings about resource depletion and global warming. Such was the case when Jeremy Grantham sat down and spoke with Charlie Rose for the hour. Its an interview well worth watching.

Climate of Doubt- Frontline Details Industry Efforts to Subvert Climate Debate

In the “Climate of Doubt,” PBS Frontline Details an extensive campaign by the oil and gas industry to obfuscate public opinion on climate change and create a new paradigm of uncertainty when it comes to climate science. Today a stunning number of American’s till believe the verdict is still out among scientists.

28 Oct, 2012- Daylight Savings Lament

Today came to a premature ending, in that annual cruel joke that is Daylight Savings time. I try looking on the bright side of this imposed darkness.

25 Oct, 2012- Visualize and Realize

Today I scratched my head for ideas. Having in recent days exhausted the obvious photo spots, I rode my bike toward campus, with the goal of stumbling upon some fall colors, with a backdrop of stately elegance. Always good to pre-visualize,  no matter how outlandish. After all, the NUI Galway campus leaves much to be […]

22 Oct, 2012- Offerings to the Saints

Dreary skies sent me indoors for today’s featured photo, exploring the nuances of Galway’s Church of St Nicholas, where I discovered this visual feast.

In Praise of Bicycles

Lately I just can’t get bicycles of my mind. I love riding them, admiring them, shopping for them, even photographing them. So I decided it would be wise to explore where this obsession comes from, and whether something should be done about it.

21 Oct, 2012- Shuffling leaves in the footsteps of Yeats

On a sunny Sunday in October, nothing beats a stroll through the woods. And no finer place in the West of Ireland for such a walk than Coole Park in Co Clare. A recent string of mild weather has temporarily prolonged the splash of colors in the foliage, harkening days of yore back in my home state of Michigan.

20 Oct, 2012- Seems Like Old Times

More museum relics than maritime vessels, the rotting hulls of these Claddagh boats provide an atmospheric subject for tourists’ photographs. Once was a time when about ten years ago when I was obsessed with wooden boats. I traveled up and down the coast of Ireland in search of such images (see “Water’s Edge” in featured […]

19 Oct, 2012- Just Another Seaside Sunset

Once again I found myself back at the sea, just in time to blast off this magical sunset photo. Such daily photo junkets to the sea have been a fabulous addition to the daily routine.

18 Oct, 2012- Fresh Air Cures the Blues

With determined stride, walkers power their way into Galway City Centre, following a popular footpath that follows the river to the sea, and the coast as far up as Blackrock in Salthill.