Not Found in Old St Paul’s Church!

Many years ago I came across this wonderful poem by Max Ehrmann. I can’t remember how it came to me but do remember being moved by it. Its too good not to share with others. “Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence….”

Studs Terkel on Finding Good Stories

Lately I’ve been researching the topic of radio storytelling and inevitably I came across Transom is a treasure trove of information for aspiring storytellers and radio documentarians. Before I knew it I was engrossed in a podcast on the legendary Studs Terkel.

This American Life Reasserts Journalistic Cred with Disability Piece

In the latest episode of This American Life, “Trends with Benefits,” the show continues to flex its journalistic muscle, investigating the country’s rapidly expanding disability program. Well worth a listen!

3 Oct, 2012- Finding Nature in Small Spaces

By breaking away from the computers and making time in each and every day to experience unfiltered nature, we clear our minds and open our senses. In this post, along the course of a busy day I discover nature in small places.

Voyager Exploits Boggle the Mind

NASA’s Voyager 1 snapped an image of earth in 1990 from 3.7 billion miles away, inspiring us to imagine the fragility of life on the “pale blue dot.” Today the spacecraft is on the far edges of the solar system, sending only the faintest of signals back to earth, from a distance of more than 11 billion miles from the sun.

The American Dream, Redefined

Hopeful idealism, Reordered priorities, Deferred dreams, status anxiety, cynical despair. Welcome to America after the great recession. Its the American Dream redefined, how American’s are adapting to the realities of life after the Great Recession, according to John Zogby, as outlined by BBC.

Glimpsing into our Brilliant Galaxy

Imagine a digital composite comprised of 800,000 pictures, taken from the Spitzer Space Telescope, combined into a single 2.5 billion pixel image depicting a big picture view of half our galaxy. Be impressed. Be very impressed.

9 December, 2011- Occupy Christmas

A dilapidated makeshift village of tents comprises the Boulder chapter of the Occupy Movement, casting an image befitting of a Christmas card. Say what you will about their cause, or their personal hygiene, the remaining participants are certainly a hardy lot.

Thanksgiving in the Desert 2011

For over twenty years the Parkers and Hydes assemble in the sleepy town of Carefree Arizona to celebrate thanksgiving. This all American tradition is one of the family favorites.

12 Nov 2011- Classic Galway Saturday

My perfect Saturday invariably entails a trip to the Saturday Market, along the way some coffee, food, and friends. Throw in a modest amount of creativity and ample amounts of fresh air and I’m a happy man. Last Saturday was one of those days.

Back on the Farm with Tuggle

A fellow vagabond friend returned home for an experiment in bucolic living. In two years, he’s transformed once fallow fields into a veritable equestrian centre, with a growing stable of horses, and garden full of fresh produce. From the saddle of a horse, I ponder such possibilities for my own life.

Dirty Old Town- Thoughts on Galway’s Littered Streets

On a typical summer night in Galway, celebratory crowds splinter into factions, as roving bands of ne’er-do-wells leave in their wake an unsightly slipstream of rubbish. Seemingly every day through the summer I confronted this depressing specter of litter, strewn across the city. For this post, I wallowed in the trash heap, foraging for causes and possible solutions to Ireland’s litter problems.

Dreams of a Big, Dumb Cat

Seemed my dreamworld housemate and landlord Gerry, inspired by the film “Hangover, decided to shelter a large and ornery cougar, a bone headed move sure to wreak havoc on his mahogany floors, his fine suite of furniture, and worse. My concerns extended well beyond his precious apartment.

Ireland Unraveling: Notes from the News

Here in Ireland its been an interesting few weeks, months and years. The pace of change has been astounding. To begin to provide a flavour for the particular challenges the country currently faces, I’ve began compiling snippets from the news. In aggregate will hopefully begin to tell the full story.

Discovering Newness in Daily Routine

Predictable is the enemy of an interesting life. If it hasn’t been said before, I’ll take credit for it now. For this ethos drive so many of my life choices, from the big ones right down to the smallest, like where to go for coffee.  I step back to examine this daily habit and ponder its broader implications.

Aidan Rides a Bike

Images from a visit back home, when I was able to witness a very special moment in any family. My nephew Aidan’s first (training-wheels free) bike ride. Certainly one for the memory books!

RSVP to Reunion Triggers Panic

Seems I’m the only person in the world who was on the fence about reunion attendance. Without fail, people fall into one of two groups. Those who look at attending their high school reunion as a fate worse than root canals. And those who, like my dad think reunions are an integral part of a healthy adult life, a dutiful obligation like attending mass or paying taxes.

The Perils and Pitfalls of Facebooking

Little old Facebook, that scrappy startup, has enticed me into the brave new world of social networking. But recent experiences have reminded me the internet is like the Wild West during frontier days: a vast crazy, exotic, menacing world full of snake oil salesmen, bible bashers, and outlaws. Everyone’s carrying a pistol. Some are cocked and loaded.