Wine and Dine

Singing Praise for Food Movement, Midwestern Style

The American food movement has slowly swept across the American countryside. Like very trend it moved from the coasts inward. Finally it has reached the likely of places: the American Rustbelt. As I Michigander, born and raised, i raise my glass and toast: “hell yea!”

29 Sep 2012- Sea Bream’s Lament

Fresh fish from the fishmongers of Gannet Seafood are among the many highlights at the Galway Saturday Market.

Food Inspiration from Basque Spain

For today’s featured photo, I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite pinxsos (tapas) from a recent wine and food tour of the Rioja region of Spain.

Rainy Day Blues and Red Wines

On a day plagued by persistent showers, and swirling winds, I was caught in the worst of it. Dripping wet, my bag heavy from food shopping, I sought the shelter of the most favorable place I could think of. I happened to be only steps away from Sheridan’s Wine Bar. Nearly five pm on a rain soaked walk home. What a better reason for enjoying a sneaky glass?

Eye Opening Spanish Varietals Worth Exploring

Used to be (a matter of months ago) when I would turn my nose at the thought of drinking a Spanish red wine. Recently I’ve given the country a second chance. And I’m hereby officially lifting my moratorium, having been turned onto a number of great wines, especially from the lesser known appellations. Two in particular feature in tonight’s review.

Proud Supporter of Slow Food

Slow food is an organization whose goals I’ve long admired, so I’m proud to say I’ve finally become a full, card carrying member.

Reflections of a Berry Picker

Day two of Ballymaloe Cookery School and I’ve been tasked to collect blackberries. There among the scraggly remnants, up to my elbows in prickers, I learned a few valuable life lessons.

Ballymaloe Primer- Intro Course Impressions

Its often said that arriving at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland is like stepping into another world. Life on this hundred acre organic farm, set amid the bucolic gently rolling hills of East Cork, is certainly out of the ordinary. I spent a week there in early August and share some of my thoughts and images.

Finding My Home at the Market

Early September and I’m back home in Grand Haven, engaging in the most wholesome of activities: shopping at the Farmers market. Brisk winds and remnant storm clouds cast a decidedly autumnal feel over the place, as sweatshirt clad shoppers fill bags with produce that matches the transition season.

Half a Billion F*@king Eggs! Reaction to a Recall

Once again America’s food supply has experienced a massive health crisis. Salmonella-tainted eggs produced from two Iowa farms caused more than 1,300 people in ten states to become afflicted, resulting in recalls of half a billion eggs. Stop the madness, I say. Its time to rethink America’s system of industrial food production.

Minding the Food Miles

I a great believer in buying fresh produce and supporting local farmers. But accidentally buying broccoli from Peru led me to explore my ethical boundaries of buying local. When is it acceptable to compromise our principles. Bordeaux wine, African Coffee, Mexican Avocados. Surely its also important to enjoy life’s great pleasures.

Thoughts on Tainted Lettuce

When you think of romaine lettuce, the first words popping into your head aren’t “deadly toxin.” Its green and leafy appearance exudes good health. But that all changed last week when the Caesarian roughage was afflicted by a potentially deadly outbreak of E.Coli bacteria, causing at least 19 people have been sickened and forcing a recall of lettuce across 23 states. What are the causes and what does it say about the food we eat?

Which Way Forward for Ireland’s Food Industry?

Fresh Baked Scone

Which way forward for Ireland’s food industry?  This was the topic addressed at this year’s annual gathering of Bord Bia, the trade organization for Irish foods. Given my interest in Ireland’s food movement,  I poured over the report and provided editorial comments. (Hint: it resonates on a few broad themes, but does little to provide meaningful assistance to local food producers.)