Grantham’s Grim Warnings of Climate Change

Investment strategists are too often cheerleaders of unrealistic growth. Seldom do they come out with sobering bearish predictions. Or issue dire warnings about resource depletion and global warming. Such was the case when Jeremy Grantham sat down and spoke with Charlie Rose for the hour. Its an interview well worth watching.

Climate of Doubt- Frontline Details Industry Efforts to Subvert Climate Debate

In the “Climate of Doubt,” PBS Frontline Details an extensive campaign by the oil and gas industry to obfuscate public opinion on climate change and create a new paradigm of uncertainty when it comes to climate science. Today a stunning number of American’s till believe the verdict is still out among scientists.

Sounding Alarm on Climate Change

Bill McKibben, through his article in Rolling Stone and interview on NPR’s On Point, sounds the alarm on climate change, portraying our predicament as perilous and almost insurmountable, especially given the economic and political clout of the fossil fuel industry. Regardless of how difficult, the time to act is now.

BBC’s Yellowstone a Compelling Nature Documentary

The BBC has built an impressive dynasty in the world of nature documentaries. One of the great examples is the 2009 production of Yellowstone, Battle for LIfe. I review this extraordinary nature documentary, currently airing on Netflix, and provide it with an enthusiastic thumbs up. Almost as good as the real thing!

Minding the Food Miles

I a great believer in buying fresh produce and supporting local farmers. But accidentally buying broccoli from Peru led me to explore my ethical boundaries of buying local. When is it acceptable to compromise our principles. Bordeaux wine, African Coffee, Mexican Avocados. Surely its also important to enjoy life’s great pleasures.

Painful Reminder of Our Oil Dependency

Treats of Climate Change seem far too nebulous and distant to inspire social and political change. But exploding oil platforms and coal mines provide poignant reminders, unfolding in real time in HD on flat screen televisions, of the very real consequences of our fossil fuel addiction and the urgent need for action.

Attack of the Cursed Pine Beetle

After a short walk down a favorite old recreational path, surveying a once familiar landscape, I’m confronted by the devastation caused by the Pine Bark beetle and ponder the ramifications of this infestation that has spread across some 40 million acres of forestland in the American Western and British Columbia.

A Message for Earth Day

Nature is more than just an occasional playground. It is place that nourishes and sustains us on so many levels. Breath deep fresh air. Take a long cold drink of clean water. Take nothing for granted.

Forgive me. I’ve Eaten Sushi Tonight

I’ve just experienced a wasabi burn so intense the entire left side of my cranium went numb. Far less extinguishable is my slow burning guilt over having consumed sushi to begin with.

Will the Wolf Survive

The good news is a wolf was found in Eagle County, CO. The bad news: she was dead. Considering that wolves were exterminated from the Colorado wild lands for more than seventy years, such news bodes well for the eventual recovery of wolf popoulations in the American West.

News from Planet Earth

Selected quotes from news stories pertaining to issues of Environmental Conservation

Managing our Forests- A New Approach

David Foster is very much a scientist with a mission: to change perspectives on how we manage our vital forests. His work was recently highlighted in the The Green Issue of the New York Times Magazine (April 19, 2009).