American West

Colorado Scenics- Images of the American West

For me there’s something very special about the Central Rockies of Colorado. Since first visited as a child of eight, this place has become a permanent fixture in my psyche. So its no surprise that I eventually called it home. It is here, during a seven year period in the mid nineties that I honed my photography skills. The resulting images stand out among my all-time favorites.

Spirit of Places

Spirit of Places came about as my first retrospective photography show, compiling images of my first seven years as a photographer. This mindful approach to photography requires combining the raw elements of nature, with the elusive element of time, to create an image that resonates emotion and meaning, providing a broader understanding of the place.

Notes from the Road

Boredom and fatigue overtake me, like some big rig hell bent for Omaha. I’m chasing broken white lines that stretch forth from here to the horizon. Westward I travel, traversing this lonely highway, across an expansive continent, through an autumn in advanced repose. How many times I’ve made this journey I can’t begin to count.