CR and Johanna, Married!

On a fine fresh Saturday afternoon on the 10th of November, CR Hyde and Johanna Nelson were married on the grounds of a historic mansion set on a hilltop overlooking the Tucson valley. Onlookers basked in the beauty of the surroundings, as the Sonoran sun cast a brilliant glow across the wedding party. It was a day befitting of the moment.

Fine Day, Fun Wedding!

Weddings were the theme of my early autumn, as I attended two weddings in as many weeks. It was the wedding of my great friend and fellow ex-patriot Maureen Gill that had me picking up the camera, as she married her sweetheart, Grahem, in a storybook setting amid the wilds of Connemara.

Reflections on St Patrick’s Day

Paddy’s Day has become Ireland’s national holiday, a chance to ponder and celebrate what it means to be Irish. As someone whose straddled the two countries for the last decade, St Patrick’s Day is a fascinating event to observe, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Streets of Galway Running Race

The following images are from the Streets of Galway running race. Held each year in early august, the race attracts several thousand participants. This year marks their 25th anniversary of the race.

Galway Arts Festival 2006

Galway Arts Festival 2006 was a memorable year for culture on the streets, theatres and music venues of Galway. It was the height of the boom years and the organizations budget was flush with cash, leaving enthusiasts hard pressed to decide just where to spend their precious time and money. Here are some visual highlights from Galway Arts Festival ’06.

Betty Big Shoes Wanders Streets of Galway

Galway’s famed street theatre company Macnas returned to the Galway Arts Festival in 2004 to perform yet another memorable spectacle of showmanship, in a whimsical and lighthearted performance billed as “Betty Big Shoes,” featuring a cast of nearly 500 participants.

Exploring Áit Ait through the Magic of Macnas

Macnas returned to the streets of Galway in 2005 for its annual performance during the Galway Arts Festival. The theme of this year’s parade was Áit Ait, an Irish phrase roughly translating to “Strange Place.”  Having discovered an ancient map containing details of a place that up until now was assumed to be mythical, intrepid […]

Macnas Let’s the Big River Flow

The Big River flowed through the streets of Galway on Sunday the 23rd of July, courtesy of Galway’s famed street theatre company Macnas. The spectacular production was Macnas’ contribution to the the Galway Arts Festival 06 .

Macnas brings Ninth Wonder to Galway

As part of their annual contribution to the Galway Arts Festival, Macnas brought the Ninth Wonder of the World to the streets of Galway in July 0f 2008. The show featured a hideous green monster modeled after the Cryptosporidium virus that afflicted Galway’s waters, and numerous other freak show specimens.

Macnas Captivates with Visions of Apocolopolis

During the Galway Arts Festival ’08, Macnas employs the cover of darkness to generate a visually compelling spectacle of Apocolopolis, a non-stop party city of endless diversion that flashes, pumps and drives under the marshmallow thumb of King Du Washawanna.