On Photography

13 April, 2013- Snow Falling on Pines

“What the hell am I doing, its freezing out here?!” Such were the negative thoughts drifting through my head as my hands went numb. But having just been injected with fresh enthusiasm for the craft, I persevered.

29 April, 2012- Galway Bay Grandeur

My head waged a spirited protest– its cold, its windy, I’m hungry. . But my heart was having none of it. I slung the camera over my shoulder, mounted my bike, and flew down the hill. In that moment, I was a man with a mission: to photograph another sunset along Galway Bay. People sing about this shit. The least I can do is photograph it.

Crowd Sourcing Project to Capture Life on Planet Earth

Having been inspired by the “Day in a Life” photographic series, I’m quite excited to join in the historic photographic challenge, as ADay.org embarks on a crowd sourcing project to enlist photographers across the world on May 15 to capture life on Planet Earth. One Day. Millions of Perspectives. Add Yours! How can you not rise to the challenge?

Surveying the Season

For reasons of circumstance and happenstance, I’ve found myself back in Michigan for most of March. Its provided an opportunity to observe the landscape during an unfamiliar transition season, while also allowed space to survey internal terrain.

BBC’s Yellowstone a Compelling Nature Documentary

The BBC has built an impressive dynasty in the world of nature documentaries. One of the great examples is the 2009 production of Yellowstone, Battle for LIfe. I review this extraordinary nature documentary, currently airing on Netflix, and provide it with an enthusiastic thumbs up. Almost as good as the real thing!

On Reclaiming Creativity

Lately I’ve been on a quest. Its a simple one, really, aimed at jump starting my creativity. I’ve challenged myself to take just one photo each day. Even if it meant snapping shots of my morning coffee, setting aside some time everyday to for photographic pursuits has helped me reengage in the craft.

3 Nov 2011 – Mid Afternoon Stroll

View Gallery An afternoon stroll was completely unplanned, but when I came out from the gym, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise. Showery sun breaks had kicked off a massive rainbow. Sensing a photo opportunity was underway, I grabbed my rangefinder camera and took to the prom.I generally resist photographing during the middle of […]

Pointing the Lens at Industrial Decay

As a photographer I resonate around subjects in various states of decay and the inevitable return to nature of manmade objects. My gut hunch told me that documenting this urban wasteland would be a fruitful and compelling photography project for whoever was willing to take up the cause. I briefly imagined doing it myself, before coming to my senses. After all, embarking on such a project would require full immersion into that environment, and let’s just say hadn’t the right temperament for the job. In other words, I feared I’d fall into deep depression.