Lighthouse, Revisited

It has been some ten years since I first embarked on the Pier Project, an effort to photograph the Grand Haven Lighthouse through the seasons. During late summer of 2010 I was afforded a rare opportunity to revisit the project, documenting this historic structure from the rarely seen interior of the Lighthouses. Without hesitation I jumped at the chance.

Colorado Scenics- Images of the American West

For me there’s something very special about the Central Rockies of Colorado. Since first visited as a child of eight, this place has become a permanent fixture in my psyche. So its no surprise that I eventually called it home. It is here, during a seven year period in the mid nineties that I honed my photography skills. The resulting images stand out among my all-time favorites.

Macnas Let’s the Big River Flow

The Big River flowed through the streets of Galway on Sunday the 23rd of July, courtesy of Galway’s famed street theatre company Macnas. The spectacular production was Macnas’ contribution to the the Galway Arts Festival 06 .

Spirit of Places

Spirit of Places came about as my first retrospective photography show, compiling images of my first seven years as a photographer. This mindful approach to photography requires combining the raw elements of nature, with the elusive element of time, to create an image that resonates emotion and meaning, providing a broader understanding of the place.

Water’s Edge

This collection of images pays homage to the sea’s many attractions. As a photographer I’m constantly drawn to the sea, with its abundant bounty of compelling imagery. Lighthouses and boats hold particular appeal, as they seem to enjoy a near universal emotional resonance. Enjoy a sampling of my work from a compilation of images I call Water’s Edge, the name inspired by a series of poems on the sea.

The Pier Project

The Pier Project is a photographic study of place, for which I returned again and again, to the Grand Haven Lighthouse, to photograph it  at various times of day, across the seasons and over the years. The resulting images remain my most requested work, an overview of which is provided in the following slideshow.

Scenic Ireland

Scenic Ireland is a photo gallery reflecting my love affair with Ireland.  The connecting was forged one blissful July in 1997 when for 26 days I traveling by bike through the West. I’ve since moved to Ireland. For more than seven years Galway has been my home, providing a base to continue photographing the landscape of Ireland.