Fine Day, Fun Wedding!

Weddings were the theme of my early autumn, as I attended two weddings in as many weeks. Great wear from my Italian suit, and plenty of new frequent flyer miles, as I crossed the Atlantic twice. The events made such hassles entirely worthwhile. For each wedding I played an official role, swapping dual hats of officiant and event photographer.

It was the wedding of my great friend and fellow ex-patriot Maureen Gill that had me picking up the camera, as she married her sweetheart, Grahem. The gods were smiling upon us on the big day.  A sunny day in Connemara in October, what were the chances? Ideal weather in a storybook setting of a country house nestled between mountains and sea, with fine friends and family. Who could have asked for anything more?  While my skills were certainly rusty, I was nonetheless quite pleased with the results.

I’ve attended and photographed numerous weddings, and can’t remember seeing a bride and groom having more fun at their wedding. Certainly bodes well for a lifetime of happiness! So congratulations Maureen and Grahem!   It was a great pleasure to be a part of the festivities!

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