28 Oct, 2012- Daylight Savings Lament

Darkness came an hour early today, in that annual cruel joke that is Daylight Savings time. Sometimes I think its a giant conspiracy, some redistribution of precious daylight with the losers being night owls and the winners being early risers and morning commuters.  Such a fiendish event, isn’t it?! I mean seriously, how can this be a good thing?  OK, we savored the amazing extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, And in the days ahead it will be a little easier to get out of bed in the morning.

AT the end of the day I suppose its about embracing the season, and our slippery descent into darkness. And with the coming winter brings snow, the great skiers reward. So bring it on I say. The cold and windy nights ahead, the bitter cold just around the corner. For tonight we will nip into bed a little earlier, and dream of sugar plum ferries and fluffy powder days on the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

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