2 June, 2013- Sunset over Lake Dillon


Taking full advantage of a gorgeous summer evening, I set out on my bike with my camera stowed away in my pannier “just in case.”  My instincts proved true, as the evening progressed from gorgeous to downright spectacular.  In the first image, A sailboat returns to a half vacant Dillon Marina. Most boats have yet to find their way into the water. Until quite recently, lake levels have been strikingly low, exposing large peninsulas and hidden islands, and greatly reducing the acreage of navigable  waters.  As snowmelt continues, hopefully much of these deficits will be erased.


Man proudly displayed fish. Woman patiently snapped picts. Big-eared dog stared longingly at dangling morsel. Just another fine recreational moment along the shores of Lake Dillon.


As a photographer, I pay keen attention to the type of clouds and where in the atmosphere they reside.  When interesting layers of clouds linger in the middle and upper atmosphere, and there’s a fair chance of some gap in the far Western horizon, this is when one can be reasonably assured of fantastical displays of color.  Such was the case the other night, when these clouds parked over the Ten Mile Range, suddenly exploded.  Act fast, but be patient.  It can be very short lived, or linger well into dusk, from orange to magenta to purple.  So cliche, yes. But always so damn beautiful, and rewarding. Well worth the wait!

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