7 Jun, 2013- Mountain Sports Mayhem


Rolling into Vail for the weekend, I soon discovered that the Go Pro Mountain Games were taking place. Not long after wandering into Vail village, I discovered just what a big deal the event was. On my way to dinner, I stopped to watch a kayaking exhibition. With my pocket camera I managed to grab this shot.

For it had taken over the whole town. Now for those who are unfamiliar, as I surely was, the Mountain Games are a mixed medley of mountain sports competitions from kayaking, running, mountain biking, fly fishing, among many others.

On the surface it seemed like a giant excuse to sell stuff. For at times the commercial presence was overwhelming. Each venue had an array of associated sponsors and promotional booths, and merchants hawking their wares. But then this is Vail, a town that never misses an opportunity to host a high profile event.

My personal favorite was the dock dogs competition, which made me want to move back to Michigan, adopt a dog and start training!



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