8 June, 2013- Dock Dogs Take to the Air

Participant taking place in the 2013 DogDogs Big Air Competition in Vail.

High Flying Canine competing in the 2013 DockDogs Big Air Competition.

Dogs jumping into the lake is a time-honored summertime tradition. Some dogs, their love of water so extreme, take it to a whole new level. Such is the premise behind the Dock Dogs Competition. The most amphibious and acrobatic of all canines perform center stage in Vail, as part of the Go Pro Mountain Games, competing in both the high jump and long jump events. It was an impressive spectacle to watch, as dogs hurled themselves into the pool with total abandon, much to the delight of spectators. Masters are allowed only to provide verbal encouragement and throw their favorite chew toys. The doggie seen here was competing in the long jump event. His jump was an impressive 26 feet but the winning dog soared nearly 30 feet. Needless to say the Dock Dog competition is a crowd favorite, one of the most popular activities at the annual Mountain Games.


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