The Pier Project

Dusk settles on a cold and snowy Christmas. Most rational people are home with their families. There I stood among a floating ice field on Lake Michigan, a man with a mission. The magic hour had compressed itself into two minutes, as the sun hung just above the horizon, igniting brilliant pyrotechnics. I snapped away franticly, creating a gear pile at my feet, tossing around expensive lenses like empty beer bottles. With any luck I had captured the beauty I came for. But right then I had other concerns, like transporting myself home. With the sun having set, so to had gone my light. And I was a two-mile ski trip away from turkey dinner and my family, by now wondering had I fallen into the lake. Shivering, hungry, and barely able to attach skis to feet, I wondered myself. Have I lost my mind? What was with my compulsion to photograph the pier?

The Pier Project is a photographic study of place. It started as a casual diversion to keep me occupied while visiting my hometown of Grand Haven.  The process involves a concerted effort to return, again and again, to a given locality  at various times of day, across the seasons and over the years. The Pier served as a subject on which to practice my craft. After a few years, the Pier Project gained momentum and recogniztion.  Compilations of my lighthouse images have featured three art fairs and two gallery shows. Now more ten years in the making, the Pier Project continues to evolve. Images of the Grand Haven Pier remain my most frequently requested work.

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