Spirit of Places

Spirit of Places came about as my first retrospective photography show, compiling images of my first seven years as a photographer.  In putting together this show the name “Spirit of Places” resonated with meaning. This lofty idea spoke to me about my process as a photographer. Silently, reverently I would visit a place, with camera mounted on tripod, a bag of lenses slung over my shoulder. There I would sit, with great purpose and patience, waiting and watching. Hoping to learn something about that place and what makes it special.

Trying to capture something elusive and ethereal, some transcendent moment in time, is a tall order indeed. The process requires a certain zen mindset, trying not to dissect and catalogue, leaves, trees, water, rain, but to experience viscerally and capture the entire wholeness of the place at that exact moment of time.

Looking back on these images it seems time itself is as much a subject matter as the various elements. The photographer with great intent places himself on scene to witness that fleeting moment when the rainstorm lifts. That one particular day in autumn after the windstorm that stripped all the multicolored leaves from their trees. That moment in time when the barn’s peeling paint juxtaposed so vividly against spring’s flowery renewal. Photography involves capturing these rare moments.

The compilation of images was later featured in a local gallery and arts festival. Originally shot on film, these images have been scanned into digital form, with very little subsequent manipulation, other than some slight tweeking to reflect the original vivid character of Velvia film. They remain on file for subsequent printing on request.

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