Water’s Edge

Celebrating our Connections to the Sea

Few people can deny the sea’s powerful attraction. An expansive sandy beach beckons us to wander, along the way shedding stress along with layers of clothes, shoes and socks. Breath deep the briny richness. Behold the myriad of live creatures discovered in a tidal pool.

This collection of images pays homage to the sea’s many attractions. Of wooden boats, lighthouses and lonely seascapes: symbols of the sea are imbued with romance and nostalgia. Whether setting sail or standing dockside, its hard not to admire the classic lines of a wooden boat, or feel a tinge of emotion when hearing the foghorn’s distant call.

You might say I’m naturally drawn to the water.  Perhaps its a byproduct of having grown up along the shores of Lake Michigan, or maybe its just my Pisces nature. Whatever the case, I relish the dynamic, interplay between sky and water.  As a photographer the sea proves to be an endlessly compelling subject. Juxtapose into the scene some semblance of human presence– dock, dingy lighthouse, sailboat, strolling lovers– and the scene comes to life and draws you in, transports you.

From my early work photographing the Grand Haven Lighthouse, to my cycle tours along the West of Ireland and assignments photographing festivals of tall ships and wooden boats, the sea continues to engage and inspire me.  All the better that I now live along the shores of Galway Bay, with my camera ever ready for the shot. Enjoy perusing this gallery, a sampling of an ongoing project  I call “Water’s Edge.”

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