Betty Big Shoes Wanders Streets of Galway

Galway’s famed street theatre company Macnas returned to the Galway Arts Festival in 2004 to perform yet another memorable spectacle of showmanship, in a whimsical and lighthearted performance billed as “Betty Big Shoes,” featuring a cast of nearly 500 participants.

In this performance, we were invited to follow Betty, with her big shoes, as she wanders through the years of her life, ever playful, slightly mischievous. Betty invites us along on her mad larks, as she takes us on journey into the world of fun and games with battles of good and evil. Betty celebrated the fine art of playing games, Macnas style, human dominoes, spinning tops, giant insects, ostriches and street creatures who come to life through a mass of colour in costumes and floats.

Featured a community cast of nearly 500 participants, Betty Big Shoes certainly lived up to expectations. For more than 20 years Macnas has wowed audiences with their unique brand of street theatre. Their annual parade is a mainstay in the Galway Arts Festival program, earning them a reputation for being Ireland’s premium purveyors of street spectacle.

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