Spring Break 2010: Parker family takes to the Slopes

In 2010 the entire Parker family convened on the slopes of Colorado for the first time in decades, (Charges for criminal neglect are pending.) Unfortunately we weren’t all on the same slopes at the same time, but that’s only a minor footnote. It was Two trips in one, each with their own purpose, a few of the principles including yours truly, making appearances in both camps.

For the first occasion it was destination Winter Park, where Charlie (age 9) and Aidan (age 6) were competing in the NASTAR Nationals, an invitational ski race that recognizes some of the best skiers in the country, literally from 4 to 84.   The ex-ski racer in me swelled with pride to witness my little nephews, rippers in their own right, make an outstanding showing. Charlie took a ninth place in a very competitive division, while Aidan took pulled in a silver medal. I endured the most arduous awards ceremony ever (“and the silver medal division of the 75-80 year old category goes to old Guy Skifast”) before finally seeing Aidan foisted up onto the platform to be donned a medal. The first of many for both boys, I’m sure.

Base Camp was back in Dillon, where the rest of the family convened for a rare session of family skiing, with special guests the Wierengos.  Little Erin (age 4) made great strides toward getting her ski legs, with Cindy on the bunny slopes. Next year we’ll be flying down the blue runs together, I have no doubt. While she was practicing, I was re-discovering my own ski legs, reconnecting with the Wierengos, Tabb and Anita, and eventually enjoying a full day skiing with my sister (for the first time since the Clinton Administration).

Every time we all ski together (a far too rare event) its a memorable experience. Hard to think of anyone with greater enthusiasm for the sport than Tabb. His legendary form, heavily influenced by Stein Eriksen, brings a smile to my face every time.  Throw in a rare session with my sister and special guest appearance by the “Finn Man,” and you have the makings of a great ski trip. Even my parents made an appearance and it was fabulous having them back at ski country and enjoying the newly remodeled condo!

Each night during our apres ski celebrations, with our cheeks rosy from the sun, wind and warm glow of toddies, we slapped backs, spun fanciful tales, and vowed to do it again next year. I believe it was even sealed with a handshake, and that in affect is a legally binding contract.

See you in 2011!

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