Having grown up in among the oak forests and sand dunes along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, I developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors and a sneaking suspicion that the big and interesting place, holding far greater possibilities than could be found within our town’s cozy confines.

Responding to the allure of wide open spaces and snow-capped peaks, I migrated to Boulder, CO, earning a business degree from the University of Colorado while logging in more than 300 days of skiing. Skills that served me well at the famed utah ski resort, Alta, where I earned an advanced degree in powder skiing.

Continuing to explore the American West I moved to Seattle where, in addition to cultivating a taste for big city amenities, I earned a M.S. degree in Environmental Planning from the University of Washington.

The degree helped secure the coveted title “wilderness ranger.” What followed weas a seven year stint for the Forest Service, patrolling the wild lands of the American West, first in the Olympic Mtns of Washington, then the Central Rockies of Colorado. Surrounded by such rugged beauty inspired me to pursue photography in earnest.

In early October 1994 I handed in my wilderness ranger badge and rambled down the open roads of Southern Colorado in a VW van the color of the desert dust that billowed behind me.  Among the precious cargo was a large cardboard box containing one Nikon N90 Camera, two lenses, and sturdy tripod: everything I needed to launch a career in photography.

Over fifteen years, cameras have changed. But that original sense of magic remains. Photography has been my ticket to adventure, providing access to places, people and events I’d have never otherwise experienced.  What success I’ve achieved has been in never veering too far off my originally inspiration. Photography is simple. Capture moments of beauty and share them with others.