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Grantham’s Grim Warnings of Climate Change

Investment strategists are too often cheerleaders of unrealistic growth. Seldom do they come out with sobering bearish predictions. Or issue dire warnings about resource depletion and global warming. Such was the case when Jeremy Grantham sat down and spoke with Charlie Rose for the hour. Its an interview well worth watching.

Climate of Doubt- Frontline Details Industry Efforts to Subvert Climate Debate

In the “Climate of Doubt,” PBS Frontline Details an extensive campaign by the oil and gas industry to obfuscate public opinion on climate change and create a new paradigm of uncertainty when it comes to climate science. Today a stunning number of American’s till believe the verdict is still out among scientists.

Sounding Alarm on Climate Change

Bill McKibben, through his article in Rolling Stone and interview on NPR’s On Point, sounds the alarm on climate change, portraying our predicament as perilous and almost insurmountable, especially given the economic and political clout of the fossil fuel industry. Regardless of how difficult, the time to act is now.

Attack of the Cursed Pine Beetle

After a short walk down a favorite old recreational path, surveying a once familiar landscape, I’m confronted by the devastation caused by the Pine Bark beetle and ponder the ramifications of this infestation that has spread across some 40 million acres of forestland in the American Western and British Columbia.

Managing our Forests- A New Approach

David Foster is very much a scientist with a mission: to change perspectives on how we manage our vital forests. His work was recently highlighted in the The Green Issue of the New York Times Magazine (April 19, 2009).