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A Message for Earth Day

Nature is more than just an occasional playground. It is place that nourishes and sustains us on so many levels. Breath deep fresh air. Take a long cold drink of clean water. Take nothing for granted.

Will the Wolf Survive

The good news is a wolf was found in Eagle County, CO. The bad news: she was dead. Considering that wolves were exterminated from the Colorado wild lands for more than seventy years, such news bodes well for the eventual recovery of wolf popoulations in the American West.

News from Planet Earth

Selected quotes from news stories pertaining to issues of Environmental Conservation

Managing our Forests- A New Approach

David Foster is very much a scientist with a mission: to change perspectives on how we manage our vital forests. His work was recently highlighted in the The Green Issue of the New York Times Magazine (April 19, 2009).

Little Traverse Conservancy

Among my favorite projects over the last decade has been my ongoing work with the Little Traverse Conservancy. Over nearly ten years of photography work, I’ve provide the images necessary to help protect protected thousands of critical farmland, shoreline and wildlife habitat throughout Northern Michigan.