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Lighthouse, Revisited

It has been some ten years since I first embarked on the Pier Project, an effort to photograph the Grand Haven Lighthouse through the seasons. During late summer of 2010 I was afforded a rare opportunity to revisit the project, documenting this historic structure from the rarely seen interior of the Lighthouses. Without hesitation I jumped at the chance.

Finding My Home at the Market

Early September and I’m back home in Grand Haven, engaging in the most wholesome of activities: shopping at the Farmers market. Brisk winds and remnant storm clouds cast a decidedly autumnal feel over the place, as sweatshirt clad shoppers fill bags with produce that matches the transition season.

The Pier Project

The Pier Project is a photographic study of place, for which I returned again and again, to the Grand Haven Lighthouse, to photograph it  at various times of day, across the seasons and over the years. The resulting images remain my most requested work, an overview of which is provided in the following slideshow.

Aidan Rides a Bike

Images from a visit back home, when I was able to witness a very special moment in any family. My nephew Aidan’s first (training-wheels free) bike ride. Certainly one for the memory books!

Family Fun

Images from my journey back home to Grand Haven during the Summer of 2009. Such a fabulous time of year to be back home, to experience and appreciate Grand Haven in its finest form.