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21 Oct, 2012- Shuffling leaves in the footsteps of Yeats

On a sunny Sunday in October, nothing beats a stroll through the woods. And no finer place in the West of Ireland for such a walk than Coole Park in Co Clare. A recent string of mild weather has temporarily prolonged the splash of colors in the foliage, harkening days of yore back in my home state of Michigan.

11 Oct, 2012- Galway’s Duality, Urban and Wild

Galway’s distinctive appeal is that it embodies the spirit of an urban village while maintaining connections with wild nature. Credit due to its picturesque setting along Galway Bay and close proximity to such wild land attractions as Connemara and the Burren.

10 Oct, 2012- Galway Bay from Mutton Island

Despite murky conditions I threw my camera over my shoulder, hopped on my bike and headed to the sea, to photograph another Photo of the Day, courtesy of Galway Bay. Such treks have already become routine in my two weeks back in Galway. Routine perhaps, but neither boring nor repetitive.

10 Nov 2011- Full Moon over Galway

These days I seldom pay attention to the moon’s waxing and waning, but this month I was prepared for the full moon, and actually made the effort to photograph it, with pleasing results.

9 Nov 2011 – Salthill Prom Grandeur

I’ve been taking full advantage of the string of nice weather here in the West of Ireland by making daily trips down to the sea, jump-starting my creativity, while producing a nice catalog of images I’m quite pleased with. This gallery presents are a small sampling of images from one of days I’ve been shooting along the Salthill Prominade over recent weeks.

7 Nov 2011- Galway, Ireland

After a cold and frosty night in early November, Galwegians enjoyed another day of dazzling sunshine. Early evening walkers take full advantage, strolling the popular Salthill Prominade.

3 Nov 2011 – Mid Afternoon Stroll

View Gallery An afternoon stroll was completely unplanned, but when I came out from the gym, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise. Showery sun breaks had kicked off a massive rainbow. Sensing a photo opportunity was underway, I grabbed my rangefinder camera and took to the prom.I generally resist photographing during the middle of […]

Fine Day, Fun Wedding!

Weddings were the theme of my early autumn, as I attended two weddings in as many weeks. It was the wedding of my great friend and fellow ex-patriot Maureen Gill that had me picking up the camera, as she married her sweetheart, Grahem, in a storybook setting amid the wilds of Connemara.

Experiencing the Crown Jewel of Irish Heritage Sites

On a fine sunny day during the summer of 2008 I had the great fortune to finally experience the Skellig Islands, a designated World Heritage Site seven miles off the Coast of Kerry. The experience remains one of my favorite adventures over my many years exploring the West of Ireland.

Reflections of a Berry Picker

Day two of Ballymaloe Cookery School and I’ve been tasked to collect blackberries. There among the scraggly remnants, up to my elbows in prickers, I learned a few valuable life lessons.

Ballymaloe Primer- Intro Course Impressions

Its often said that arriving at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland is like stepping into another world. Life on this hundred acre organic farm, set amid the bucolic gently rolling hills of East Cork, is certainly out of the ordinary. I spent a week there in early August and share some of my thoughts and images.

Dirty Old Town- Thoughts on Galway’s Littered Streets

On a typical summer night in Galway, celebratory crowds splinter into factions, as roving bands of ne’er-do-wells leave in their wake an unsightly slipstream of rubbish. Seemingly every day through the summer I confronted this depressing specter of litter, strewn across the city. For this post, I wallowed in the trash heap, foraging for causes and possible solutions to Ireland’s litter problems.

Which Way Forward for Ireland’s Food Industry?

Fresh Baked Scone

Which way forward for Ireland’s food industry?  This was the topic addressed at this year’s annual gathering of Bord Bia, the trade organization for Irish foods. Given my interest in Ireland’s food movement,  I poured over the report and provided editorial comments. (Hint: it resonates on a few broad themes, but does little to provide meaningful assistance to local food producers.)

Ireland Unraveling: Notes from the News

Here in Ireland its been an interesting few weeks, months and years. The pace of change has been astounding. To begin to provide a flavour for the particular challenges the country currently faces, I’ve began compiling snippets from the news. In aggregate will hopefully begin to tell the full story.

Betty Big Shoes Wanders Streets of Galway

Galway’s famed street theatre company Macnas returned to the Galway Arts Festival in 2004 to perform yet another memorable spectacle of showmanship, in a whimsical and lighthearted performance billed as “Betty Big Shoes,” featuring a cast of nearly 500 participants.

Exploring Áit Ait through the Magic of Macnas

Macnas returned to the streets of Galway in 2005 for its annual performance during the Galway Arts Festival. The theme of this year’s parade was Áit Ait, an Irish phrase roughly translating to “Strange Place.”  Having discovered an ancient map containing details of a place that up until now was assumed to be mythical, intrepid […]

Macnas brings Ninth Wonder to Galway

As part of their annual contribution to the Galway Arts Festival, Macnas brought the Ninth Wonder of the World to the streets of Galway in July 0f 2008. The show featured a hideous green monster modeled after the Cryptosporidium virus that afflicted Galway’s waters, and numerous other freak show specimens.

Spirit of Places

Spirit of Places came about as my first retrospective photography show, compiling images of my first seven years as a photographer. This mindful approach to photography requires combining the raw elements of nature, with the elusive element of time, to create an image that resonates emotion and meaning, providing a broader understanding of the place.

Water’s Edge

This collection of images pays homage to the sea’s many attractions. As a photographer I’m constantly drawn to the sea, with its abundant bounty of compelling imagery. Lighthouses and boats hold particular appeal, as they seem to enjoy a near universal emotional resonance. Enjoy a sampling of my work from a compilation of images I call Water’s Edge, the name inspired by a series of poems on the sea.

Scenic Ireland

Scenic Ireland is a photo gallery reflecting my love affair with Ireland.  The connecting was forged one blissful July in 1997 when for 26 days I traveling by bike through the West. I’ve since moved to Ireland. For more than seven years Galway has been my home, providing a base to continue photographing the landscape of Ireland.