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Gluttony, Italian Style

Italy is one of those places with immense travel appeal. Since rediscovering its many pleasures two years ago, I longed to return. So when I heard cookery school friends were hosting a reunion, there was no hesitation in saying yes. Our memorable weekend was book-ended with adventures of Tuscany and a final send-off in Venice, the details of which recounted in the following travelog.

Photo of the Day – Siena, Italy

Some views just seer themselves into your memory. This one, overlooking Sienna’s famed Piazza del Campo, etched into my psyche.

Venice Vignettes- Vivid Impressions of a Magical City

With my six week tour through the wine regions of Italy, France, Spain drawing to a close, I had to go out with a bang. I boarded an all night train bound for Venice for three blissful nights. What follows is a series of lucid vignettes from my ephemeral visit, paying tribute to this most etherial of cities.