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8 June, 2013- Dock Dogs Take to the Air

The most amphibious and acrobatic of all canines in the country took to the platform to compete in the Go Pro Mountain Games in Vail, competing in both the high jump and long jump events.

7 Jun, 2013- Mountain Sports Mayhem

Arriving into Vail I soon discovered the Go Pro Mountain Games had taken over the town. Among the array of events was this kayaking exhibition, which I managed to document on my way to dinner. If only I wasn’t so hungry, I’d have stayed for more!

30 May, 2013- Early Summer Snowstorm

As I was rushing up to Arapahoe Basin ski area o catch one of the last days of the ski season, I jumped out of the car to grab this shot, on the surface completely unremarkable except for the fact that it was nearly June!

29 May, 2013- Springtime in the Rockies

Late season snowfall and a spate of cold and damp spring weather cause high country locals to engage in their annual bitch session about the weather. I take a walk through the brisk streets of Dillon and contemplate the state of weather.

26 April, 2013- Mirror Pond Reflections

Its hard not to be inspired by the beauty routinely encountered along the shores of Mirror Pond. In the few weeks of my all-too-brief residence, I would routinely head down to Drake Park, with a camera, book, and notepad in my bag and wait for inspiration to strike. It never took long.

13 April, 2013- Snow Falling on Pines

“What the hell am I doing, its freezing out here?!” Such were the negative thoughts drifting through my head as my hands went numb. But having just been injected with fresh enthusiasm for the craft, I persevered.

28 Oct, 2012- Daylight Savings Lament

Today came to a premature ending, in that annual cruel joke that is Daylight Savings time. I try looking on the bright side of this imposed darkness.

22 Oct, 2012- Offerings to the Saints

Dreary skies sent me indoors for today’s featured photo, exploring the nuances of Galway’s Church of St Nicholas, where I discovered this visual feast.

21 Oct, 2012- Shuffling leaves in the footsteps of Yeats

On a sunny Sunday in October, nothing beats a stroll through the woods. And no finer place in the West of Ireland for such a walk than Coole Park in Co Clare. A recent string of mild weather has temporarily prolonged the splash of colors in the foliage, harkening days of yore back in my home state of Michigan.

17 Oct, 2012- Spirit of the Woodlands

A steady drizzle of rain thwarted my daily sea walk. Instead I sought the shelter of Barna Woods to experience a blast of autumnal beauty, and reconnect with this scenic and sublime woodland.

10 Oct, 2012- Galway Bay from Mutton Island

Despite murky conditions I threw my camera over my shoulder, hopped on my bike and headed to the sea, to photograph another Photo of the Day, courtesy of Galway Bay. Such treks have already become routine in my two weeks back in Galway. Routine perhaps, but neither boring nor repetitive.

24 April, 2012- Intermittent Outbreaks of Sunshine

You have to relish those intermittent outbreaks of sunshine. When they come sandwiched between a string of particularly brutal days, they register as simply sublime.

13 March, 2012- Ode to a Man and His Truck

You don’t buy a truck. You acquire it, on loan really. A few grand worth, something of a deposit given to the previous owner, and taken from the next one. I celebrated my friend’s purchase with a six pack of beer, while watching a West Michigan sunset.

9 December, 2011- Occupy Christmas

A dilapidated makeshift village of tents comprises the Boulder chapter of the Occupy Movement, casting an image befitting of a Christmas card. Say what you will about their cause, or their personal hygiene, the remaining participants are certainly a hardy lot.

6 December, 2011- Frigid Winter’s Night

The sunset cast a warm glow over Lake Dillon, in stark contrast to the frigid weather conditions.

15 November 2011- Monday, Monday

Feeling uninspired on a blustery Monday, I nip off to my favorite eatery, relish my tasty meal and the badly needed escape it provides.

13 Nov 2011- Autumn’s fleeting beauty

An unusual string of fine autumn days has me spending a lot of time outdoors. On this day I take to the woods. Wherever you find yourself, taking to the woods in autumn provide a feast for the senses, and plenty of food for thought. Absorbed in this perfect fleeting moment, I ponder the changing of seasons and the resonant lessons of autumn.

12 Nov 2011- Classic Galway Saturday

My perfect Saturday invariably entails a trip to the Saturday Market, along the way some coffee, food, and friends. Throw in a modest amount of creativity and ample amounts of fresh air and I’m a happy man. Last Saturday was one of those days.

10 Nov 2011- Full Moon over Galway

These days I seldom pay attention to the moon’s waxing and waning, but this month I was prepared for the full moon, and actually made the effort to photograph it, with pleasing results.

9 Nov 2011 – Salthill Prom Grandeur

I’ve been taking full advantage of the string of nice weather here in the West of Ireland by making daily trips down to the sea, jump-starting my creativity, while producing a nice catalog of images I’m quite pleased with. This gallery presents are a small sampling of images from one of days I’ve been shooting along the Salthill Prominade over recent weeks.

8 Nov 2011- Galway, Ireland

The want of fresh fish from the local Seafood shop provided a convenient excuse for a walk along the Docks, where I captured this image and ruminated on the scarcity and joy of fresh local fish.

7 Nov 2011- Galway, Ireland

After a cold and frosty night in early November, Galwegians enjoyed another day of dazzling sunshine. Early evening walkers take full advantage, strolling the popular Salthill Prominade.

3 Nov 2011 – Mid Afternoon Stroll

View Gallery An afternoon stroll was completely unplanned, but when I came out from the gym, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise. Showery sun breaks had kicked off a massive rainbow. Sensing a photo opportunity was underway, I grabbed my rangefinder camera and took to the prom.I generally resist photographing during the middle of […]

Photo of the Day – Siena, Italy

Some views just seer themselves into your memory. This one, overlooking Sienna’s famed Piazza del Campo, etched into my psyche.